How to Draw Praying Hands

Prayer is an act that is universal to all religions, throughout human history. The Encyclopaedia Britannica describes prayer as "an act of communication by humans with the sacred or holy," usually a god or gods.

In many religions, prayerful adherents assume certain postures during prayer. These may including bowing with the face to the ground, raising the arms toward the sky, bowing the head, closing the eyes, or "folding" the hands in prayer - typically, by placing the palms and fingers together.

The origin of the praying hands is uncertain. Some sources cite ancient religious use of this gesture, from ancient Babylon and later from the Jews. Other references cite it as a symbol of servitude, arising from the practice of shackling the hands of prisoners so that they could not grasp a weapon and retaliate. Similarly, a medieval pope references the custom of placing one's joined hands into the hands of a feudal lord, as a sign of respect and obedience.

Hands in a prayerful stance have often been the subject of the fine arts. One famous drawing is known as "Praying Hands" or as "Study of the Hands of an Apostle." The drawing was made by painter Albrecht Durer in the year 1508. A 60 foot tall statue, also called "Praying Hands," stands on the grounds of a university in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

Would you like to draw a set of praying hands? This easy, step-by-step drawing guide is here to show you how. All you will need is a pencil, a good eraser, and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to use markers, crayons, colored pencils, or paints to color your finished drawing.

How to Draw Washing Hands

Hand washing or hand hygiene is important to everyone's health. Long ago, before the discovery of germs, people thought that sickness was caused by "miasma" or "bad air." It wasn't until the mid-1800s that doctors and nurses realized how important handwashing was in protecting their patients from infection.

In an age of global pandemics, the need for good handwashing practices is more important than ever. According to the Centers for Disease Control, you should wash your hands before you eat, after using the toilet, before and after caring for a sick person or treating a wound, and after you cough, sneeze, blow your nose, touch your pet, or do anything else that could dirty your hands, even with microscopic germs.

Did you know? Germs like coronavirus are destroyed by soap, but the process takes time. After soaping up your hands, you should wash them for at least 20 seconds to let the germ-killing soap do its job.

If you'd like to create a reminder for people to wash their hands when they come to your home, school, or business, you've come to the right place. This easy, step-by-step cartoon drawing tutorial will show you how to draw your own handwashing sign. All you will need is a pen, pencil, marker, or crayon and a sheet of paper.

How to Draw a Sad Anime Face

Anime is a popular style of Japanese animation used in cartoons. This characteristic art style emerged in the 1960s, both in cartoon anime and the related comic book manga. Its popularity increased markedly during the 1990s and still continues to grow.

Anime characters typically have large, expressive eyes, and extreme emotions are commonly displayed. Loss, death, unrequited love, and betrayal are popular themes, especially in series aimed at adults rather than children. As such, sad characters such as the one in this drawing guide are a staple in many anime.

Today, over 400 studios produce anime, and others have adopted the style outside of Japan. More than half of the world's animated television shows are considered anime.

Would you like to draw a cartoon of a sad anime girl? This easy, step-by-step anime cartoon drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pen, pencil, or marker and a sheet of paper.

How to Draw an Anime Chibi Girl

The term "chibi" is derived from a Japanese verb meaning "to become shorter." It is a style of caricature that features its subject in an exaggerated way. Chibi "are small and chubby, with stubby limbs and oversized heads to make them resemble children." The word chibi can also be translated as "little" or "cute."

Chibi has become popular due to its use in anime and manga. When drawing a chibi character, the head usually takes up one third to one half of the cartoon's height. The design, including the features of the face, is also simplified and less detailed when compared to other drawing styles.

Chibi drawing styles are used occasionally in non-chibi cartoons to achieve a comedic effect. The chibi character is often expressing a strong emotion, such as anger or infatuation. Examples can be found in anime such as Pokémon and One Piece. Chibi caricatures are also drawn of famous people and historical figures.

Would you like to draw a chibi cartoon? This easy, step-by-step cartoon character drawing tutorial can show you how. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper.

How to Draw an Anime Boy Face

Ash Ketchum. Goku. Lelouch Lamperouge. "Kirito" Kazuto Kirigaya. Takeya Ikuhara. Junpei Kousaka. Rin Okumura. Gray Fullbuster. The list could go on as we consider the "classic" male anime or manga character. With piercing eyes and unruly locks of dark hair, these anime look-alikes often steal the show.

Anime is a style of Japanese animation that is now popular all over the world. Anime characters typically have large, expressive eyes, a colorful appearance, and even more colorful personalities.

Did you know? The first anime was produced in 1917. The modern style emerged during the 1960s. In 2016, 60 percent of the world's television cartoons were anime.

Would you like to draw an anime boy's side profile view face? This easy, step-by-step anime side view or manga drawing guide is designed to show you how.

You will be using guide lines - namely, a circle and perpendicular straight lines - to help you draw the face with the proper proportions. As you go along, you will need to erase these guide lines.

How to Draw Tears – Really Easy Drawing Tutorial

Tears are the salty liquid that leaks from our eyes when we cry. Although we most often associate tears with pain or sadness, they can be shed during happy times as well - for instance, when we laugh heartily; in times of great joy, such as the birth of a child; and in times of relief, such as the return of a loved one who had been in danger.

There are, in fact, three different types of tears. Our eyes constantly produce basal tears, which keep the eyes moist and inhibit infection. Reflex tears occur in response to a stimulus, such as when something gets in your eye, when you smell strong fumes, or eat spicy foods. This type of tear also forms when you cough or yawn. Finally, psychic tears are the kind shed in response to strong emotions.

When draw, tears often assume the "teardrop" shape - a curved figure that is rounded on the bottom and has a point on top. You, however, may wish to draw a more realistic depiction of a person shedding tears. If so, you've come to the right place. All you will need is a pencil, a sheet of paper, and this easy, step-by-step drawing tutorial.

Each step of this tear-themed drawing guide includes a detailed illustration as well as explanatory text. Notice the light blue lines in each picture, as these indicate new lines to be added to your drawing. Also, if you have access to crayons, markers, colored pencils, or paints, you may wish to use these to shade your picture when complete.

How to Draw a Cartoon Girl

Drawings of people are an integral part of most cartoons, comic books, and fine art. Yet, many artists find drawing people accurately to be a difficult task.

Would you like to be able to add a cute cartoon girl to your own art collection? Now you can, by following this easy, step-by-step drawing guide.

All you will need is a piece of paper and a pencil. You may also want to use an eraser to correct any mistakes, and crayons, colored pencils, or markers to color your finished drawing.

Each step of this simple drawing guide is accompanied by an illustration. In each step, new lines added in that step are shown in blue. Lines drawn in previous steps appear in black.

Sketch lightly at first, as you will be erasing some of your early lines, called guide lines, as you go along.

How to Draw a Cartoon Princess

"And they lived happily ever after. The end."

Thus concludes countless children's stories. For centuries, the princess archetype has been held as a role model for women and girls - beautiful, graceful, kind, and courageous.

Disney has been perhaps the most influential element behind the princess in modern popular culture.

Disney's extensive lineup of princesses includes, Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, 1937), Cinderella (Cinderella, 1950, 2015), Aurora (Sleeping Beauty, 1959), Belle (Beauty and the Beast, 1991, 2017) Jasmine (Aladdin, 1992) Rapunzel (Tangled, 2010) and many more.

Would you like to draw your own fairy tale princess? Doing so is easy with the help of this step-by-step drawing tutorial. All you will need is a pencil and a piece of paper, and perhaps an eraser.

If you have crayons, colored pencils, markers, paints, or glitter and glue, get them ready. Soon, your princess will be ready for the royal ball!

How to Draw a Cartoon Scientist

A scientist is a person "who conducts scientific research to advance knowledge in an area of interest."

The scientist in our drawing guide resembles Albert Einstein, one of the most famous scientists of the past century. He is known for his special theory of relativity.

The concept of a "mad scientist" is also familiar to many cartoons. Will your character be an evil genius or a groundbreaking researcher? The choice is yours.

Would you like to draw a cartoon scientist? This easy, step-by-step cartoon character drawing tutorial is here to help. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper.

How to Draw a Cartoon Ninja

Ninjas were spies and warriors during the feudal era of Japan, possibly dating back as far as the 12th century. Modern popular culture has adopted the ninja archetype as a symbol of stealth, strength, and wisdom.

Ninja cartoon characters are both common and popular in Japanese anime and manga. Outside of their native land, ninjas have appeared in cartoons and comic books such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Spider-man's villain, the White Ninja. Ninjas have also made appearances in the series Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.

Would you like to draw your very own cartoon ninja? Now you can, by following this easy, step-by-step drawing tutorial. All you will need is a pencil and a piece of paper. You may also want to use an eraser to correct any mistakes, and colored pencils, crayons, markers, or paints to shade your finished picture.

As you follow the steps in this simple drawing guide, you will notice that each step features both text and an illustration. In each picture, lines drawn in previous steps are shown in black, while lines to be added in the current step are highlighted in blue. Some steps will require you to erase lines drawn in previous steps.

How to Draw an Anime Cat Girl

In Japanese anime cartoons, the lines between the human and animal worlds are often blurred. Human characters with animal features are common. This is referred to as Kemonomimi, meaning "animal ears."

The "catgirl" character is one example. Neko is the Japanese word for "cat." It is also used to refer to anime or manga characters with catlike features, including ears, tails, whiskers, and paws.

A number of anime and manga feature catgirl characters. These include Outlaw Star, The Star of Cottonland, Acchi Kocchi, Infinite Stratos, Fairy Tale, and High School DxD. Even non-anime cartoons, such as Treasure Planet, She-Ra: Princess of Power, Star Trek: The Animated Series, and Thundercats include these characters. Fans often create fan art by adding cat ears to their favorite characters.

Why? The answer is kawaii, or cuteness. After all, "everything can be improved by drawing cat ears and a tail on it."

Would you like to draw an adorable anime cat girl? This anime cartoon drawing guide can show you how. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper.

How to Draw Feet – Really Easy Drawing Tutorial

The foot is the part of the body that allows us to stand, walk, and run. Since the foot is so important to our daily life and even to our survival, it comes as no surprise that this humble part of our anatomy has long played a major role in human culture.

For example, many cultures have norms as to when the feet should be covered or uncovered. Throughout Asia, it is generally considered rude to wear shoes in a home or other private buildings. In America, Europe, and elsewhere, people go to great lengths to cover their feet with elaborate shoes, even if those shoes are uncomfortable.

A "foot" is still a common measurement, especially in the United States. The "foot" has been used since antiquity; its exact length has varied, but it has been generally considered about the length of the physical foot. In this way, distance could be measured by walking with one foot placed directly in front of the other.

Many colloquial phrases include the word "foot." To "put your foot in your mouth" means to say something you did not mean, and has been used since 1942. "Put your best foot forward" was first used in 1849, and William Shakespeare had used a similar phrase in 1596. The term "footloose," meaning "free," was first recorded in the 1690s.

Of course, feet also feature in art when people are the subject. Do your drawing skills need a pedicure? Learn to draw realistic feet using this easy, step-by-step drawing tutorial.

To draw your feet, you will need only a pencil, a sheet of paper, and a good eraser. In each step, you will see an illustration as well as explanatory text. New lines added in each step are highlighted in blue, while previously drawn lines fade to black. In some steps, you will erase lines. When finished, you may color your drawing using crayons, colored pencils, markers, or paints.

Now, give your drawings a leg to stand on with the help of this simple drawing guide.