How to Draw Lego Batman

" parents...really, really rich...kinda makes it better..."
- Lego Batman, The Lego Movie

The Lego Batman Minifigure debuted in 2006. He has appeared with a number of cosmetic variations, including the "classic comic suit" in grey and dark blue, the 2008 Dark Knight film suit, the white "Arctic Batman," and many others.

Even as a Lego figure, Batman remains a crime-fighting icon. Along with Superman, Robin, and others, he takes on villains such as the Joker.

Lego Batman has appeared in a number of films, including The Lego Movie, The Lego Batman Movie, and Lego Batman: The Movie - DC Super Heroes Unite. He has also be featured in numerous Lego playsets and video games including Lego Dimensions and The Lego Batman Movie Game.

Would you like to draw Lego Batman? This easy, step-by-step superhero drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper.

How to Draw Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants

"Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?" The real question is, who lives in a sunken Tikki head in the same neighborhood in the fictional town of Bikini Bottom? The answer: Squidward Q. Tentacles!

Squidward is a supporting character in the animated series Spongebob Squarepants and its associated films. He works as a cashier at the Krusty Krab while dreaming of a life as an artist or clarinet player. Arrogant, bitter, and dissatisfied, Spongebob and Patrick don't notice his animosity towards them but instead consider him a friend.

One of the show's writers described Squidward as "the most human character" and therefore the most relatable.

Did you know? Although his name includes the word "squid," Squidward has only six arms, not the eight arms and two tentacles (totaling ten) as do squid. He is more similar to the octopus, which effectively has six arms and two legs.

Would you like to draw Squidward? This easy, step-by-step cartoon character drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pen, pencil, crayon, or marker and a sheet of paper.

How to Draw a Peacock

Peacocks are among the most beautiful birds in the world. Similar in size to the turkey, peacocks are famous for shrill call, their bright colors, and their long, flowing tails.

Peacocks are native to Asia and Africa, but are raised in captivity all over the world.

Did you know? Only males have the extravagantly feathered tails. The term "peacock" technically only refers to the male of the species. Females are called "peahens," and mixed groups are known as "peafowl"

Peacocks have been included in artwork for millennia. Once considered vehicles to the gods and protectors of royalty, both real and painted peacocks could be found in ancient palaces.

The Greeks revered the peacock as a symbol of immortality, and this iconography was later used in European Christian art.

Perhaps the most notable modern use of a peacock image is that of the NBC television network emblem, which has been used since 1956.

Would you like to draw your own graceful peacock? Doing so is easy with the help of this simple, step-by-step drawing tutorial.

All you will need is a pencil and a sheet of paper, but likely you will wish to color your finished drawing as well. Peacocks display stunning colors, ranging from blue, green, yellow, and brown, to grey or solid white.

How to Draw a Fox

There are more than forty species of foxes spread throughout the world. In many cultures, foxes are known for their cunning and trickiness, and are often the subject of mythology and folklore. The fox is actually a small species of dog, but foxes have abilities other dogs lack, such as digging complete burrows in the ground and climbing trees.

In recent years, the silver subspecies of the red fox has been domesticated in Russia. Interestingly, domestic foxes begin showing traits common to many domestic dogs, such as floppy ears, and changes in coloration, including spots.

In this simple, step-by-step drawing guide, you will learn to draw your very own fox. You will need only a drawing implement, such as a pen or pencil, and a piece of paper. You may also want to have an eraser handy, as you will be erasing some of your early lines as you go along.

In each step of this easy drawing tutorial, you will notice that previously drawn lines are shown in black, while new lines are highlighted in blue. When you complete your drawing, you can shade it using crayons, colored pencils, or markers.

How to Draw Angel Wings

The image of two angel wings, disembodied from their wearer and often accompanied by a halo, has become a common element of body art, vehicle decals, clothing, accessories, and home decor.

At times, this icon is employed as a eulogy for a deceased friend or family member. At other times, this symbol is used in marketing, as in the case of a popular brand of undergarments.

The use of angels and angel-like wings in art dates back millennia. Perhaps the oldest known artifact of an angel-like figure in art was discovered in Egypt. Dated at 4,000 B.C., it depicts a half-woman, half-bird, winged goddess. Male figures with wings were used in Assyrian, Babylonian, and Greek art as well.

During the Byzantine, Medieval, and Renaissance periods, angels were typically depicted as described in the Bible - genderless winged persons, male in form.

From the 1800's onward, the genderless aspect was often abandoned in favor of feminine angels.

If you would like to draw your own set of wings, you will need only a pencil, pen, or marker, and a piece of paper.

This easy, step-by-step drawing tutorial is designed to assist artists of all ages and skill levels. Note that each step is accompanied by an illustration. The lines highlighted in blue are new additions to each step.

How to Draw a Boy

Human characters form the basis of many animated cartoons and works of art. This can be seen even in the earliest known cave paintings, which contain human forms. Throughout history, people have enjoyed drawing other people - and themselves.

The first popular cartoon character in history is said to be Mr. Syntax, an eccentric schoolmaster created by a British artist in 1809. He was also the first character to enjoy marketing tie-ins, with various products bearing his image.

Since then, the number of cartoon boys and men has become too numerous to mention.

Whether you would like to draw a fictional character or someone you know, this tutorial for how to draw a boy is a good place to start.

In this step-by-step drawing guide, you will learn the basics of capturing the human form, as well as the face. All you will need is a pencil and a piece of paper.

In each step, new lines added to the drawing are shown in blue. You may also want to use an eraser to correct mistakes and remove guide lines, and coloring tools to shade your finished drawing.

How to Draw a Bear

There are eight different species of bears in the world - black bears (Ursus americanus), brown bears (Ursus arctos), polar bears (Ursus maritimus), moon bears (Ursus thibetanus), spectacled bears (Tremarctos ornatus), pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca), sloth bears (Melursus ursinus), and sun bears (Ursus malayanus).

The smallest of the bears is the sun bear. It is the size of a large dog and maxes out at 150 pounds (68 kilograms). The polar bear is the largest, at 1,600 pounds (730 kilograms).

Would you like to draw your own realistic bear? Now you can, by following this easy, step-by-step drawing tutorial.

You will not need any special tools or skills; all you will need is a pencil and a piece of paper. You may also want to use an eraser to correct any mistakes, and markers, colored pencils, or crayons to color your finished bear.

As you follow this simple drawing guide, you will notice that each step is accompanied by an illustration. In each picture, new lines added in the current step are shown in blue. Lines drawn in previous steps are shown in black. You may want to sketch lightly at first, as there will be need to erase some of your early lines in order to complete the picture.

How to Draw a Giraffe

A gorgeous giraffe is the topic for our drawing tutorial today. A long-legged and necked giraffe can be a little tricky to draw due to its body proportions but with help of the wireframes we should be able to tackle the body shape.

​We will start by sketching a wireframe and geometrical shapes that will eventually evolve into a fully developed giraffe.

Draw lightly as most of these "helper" shapes will be erased before you're finished.

In the step-by-step drawing guide below, you will find each step highlighted in a light blue color.

You don't need any special pens or tools. A regular pencil, eraser, and paper are all you need. If you want, you can also color the drawing with colored pencils or pens.

How to Draw Santa's Sleigh

"Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way,
Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh!"
- "Jingle Bells," 1857

A sled or sleigh is one of the oldest vehicles known to man. Traditionally used in snowy conditions, sleighs were often pulled by dogs or horses.

Sleighs may be flat-bottomed or run on two sliders called runners, as in this drawing guide.

However, it was not until the 1800s that the sleigh became connected with Christmas festivities.

From where did the idea come that Santa Claus rides on a flying sleigh, pulled by tiny reindeer? The idea was first recorded in 1821 in a poem called "Old Santeclaus with Much Delight."

The reindeer and sleigh were popularized two years later in the poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas," also called, "Twas the the Night Before Christmas:" "What to my wondering eyes should appear, but a miniature sleigh and eight tiny rein-deer."

However, the idea of a flying benefactor visiting homes to leave gifts is much older.

In ancient Europe, the god Odin was said to visit homes in early December, flying above the housetops on his loyal grey horse.

Later, Saint Nicholas was said to take a similar gift-giving horseback ride on Saint Nicholas Day.

This tradition crossed the Atlantic along with Dutch settlers and was eventually assimilated into American Christmas customs.

Today, the sleigh and reindeer are common sights among Christmas decorations and memorabilia. A number of children's films have been produced detailing the lives of Santa's reindeer, especially of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

Would you like to draw Santa's sleigh? This easy, step-by-step drawing guide is here to help.

All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.

How to Draw a Football Player

Football players must wear special gear to protect themselves from injury. Most important is the helmet, which protects the head and brain. It has a hard outer shell and interior padding, as well as a face mask.

Today's helmets are much sturdier than those of the past. Before the 1950s, football helmets were made of hardened leather.

Football is a contact sport, so other precautions must also be taken. Mouthguards are used to protect the teeth. Football players wear shoulder pads and other padding to protect their bodies from impact. Gloves and special shoes are also worn.

Colors on the uniforms allow onlookers to tell the players of one team from those of the other.

Did you know? Uniform numbers in American football are more specific than in other sports. Certain numbers are worn only by players in certain positions, helping referees determine whether the rules are being followed.

Would you like to draw an athletic football player? This simple, step-by-step drawing guide is here to show you how. All you will need is a pencil or pen and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.

How to Draw a Basketball Player

Basketball may be the only sport to be invented completely in America. It arose at a YMCA in 1891 as an indoor sport to be played on a rainy day.

The first basketball goals weren't hoops - they were actual baskets, half-bushel baskets used for peaches. Before the basketball was invented, soccer balls were used.

Today, certain basketball players are iconic - Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Steph Curry, to name a few.

Would you like to draw a basketball player in action? This easy, step-by-step drawing guide is here to help. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.

How to Draw a Winter Scenery

"Sleigh bells ring
Are you listening?
In the lane
Snow is glistening.
A beautiful sight,
We're happy tonight
Walking in a winter wonderland."
- "Winter Wonderland," 1934

​Scenes of peaceful winter scenery, and the glimmer of new fallen snow, are a common theme in both the visual and literary arts. In Lois Lowry's The Giver, just such a scene was the first memory given to young Jonas - and played a role in the book's final chapter.

​In the famous poem by Robert Frost, "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Everning," the scene is captured in these words: "Whose woods these are I think I know... He will not see me stopping here to watch his woods fill up with snow...Between the woods and frozen lake, the darkest evening of the year."

​Would you like to draw a winter wonderland? Doing so is easier than ever with the help of this simple, step-by-step drawing tutorial. You will need only a pencil, a sheet of paper, and a good eraser. You may also wish to use colored pencils or other tools to shade your finished drawing.