How to Draw Teeth and Lips

How to Draw Teeth and Lips

"Lips, however rosy, must be fed."
- Ovid, Roman poet, 43 BC to 18 AD

Lips have long featured in popular culture. Since time immemorial, poets have waxed romantic about the fleshy protuberances surrounding the mouth that form the smile. William Shakespeare cast young Romeo to swoon over his Juliet: "Thy lips, two blushing pilgrims ready stand." Love letters are sealed with a kiss, and school supplies, clothing, and everything in between may be emblazoned with puckered lips, especially near the romance-themed holiday of Valentine's day. They also represent iconic logos, such as the tongue and lips logo of the Rolling Stones.

Lips, however, have many important uses besides kissing. Lips are a tactile organ, meaning they have nerve endings that are sensitive to touch, heat, and cold. Babies and small children thus use their lips to learn about their world. Lips are also forming the smile, a form of non-verbal communication.

Lips are also important in speech and food intake. We use our lips to articulate different sounds when we talk. People with hearing loss can even increase their understanding of a conversation by lip-reading, or watching the shapes made by the mouth. Our muscular lips also enable use to keep food inside our mouths and create the airtight seal necessary to draw liquid through a straw.

Would you like to draw cartoon teeth and lips? How about a smile? This easy, step-by-step cartoon drawing tutorial is here to show you how. You won't need any lipstick - just get your pen, pencil, markers, or crayons and a sheet of paper.


Step 1

How to Draw Teeth and Lips: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing a curved line to form the top of the upper lip. Notice the slight dip in the middle of the line. This double curve of the upper lip is called the Cupid's bow, as it is said to resemble the weapon of the Roman god of love.

Step 2

How to Draw Teeth and Lips: Step 2

2. Use a long "U" shaped line to connect the ends of the previous line, outlining the shape of the mouth.

Step 3

How to Draw Teeth and Lips: Step 3

3. Draw a curved line near the top of the mouth. This outlines the bottom of the upper lip, scientifically known as the Labium superius oris.

Step 4

How to Draw Teeth and Lips: Step 4

4. Draw a wide "U" shaped line connecting the ends of the previous line. This completes the outline of the open mouth and lower lip.

Step 5

How to Draw Teeth and Lips: Step 5

5. Begin drawing the teeth. between each tooth, draw two slightly curved lines. The opposite curves detail the shape of the top and bottom of each tooth.

Step 6

How to Draw Teeth and Lips: Step 6

6. Continue to outline the teeth, using two oppositely curves lines to create the juncture between each set of teeth. Fill the mouth with teeth. Notice how they are smaller at the corners of the mouth and larger at the front.

Step 7

How to Draw Teeth and Lips: Step 7

7. Add a shine of gloss to the lips. Enclose a small oval and an irregular rounded shape in the middle of the top lip.

Step 8

How to Draw Teeth and Lips: Step 8

8. Enclose an oval and an irregular shape in the middle of the bottom lip, giving it a shiny texture.

Step 9

How to Draw Teeth and Lips: Step 9

9. Draw short curved lines at the corners of the mouth and just above the Cupid's bow to indicate the contours of the face.

Step 10

How to Draw Teeth and Lips: Step 10

Color your cartoon teeth and lips. Lips are naturally rosy, and clean, healthy teeth are generally white. With makeup, lips can be any color - red, pink, purple, and much more - and unhealthy teeth may be yellow, green, brown, or black.

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The Complete Teeth and Lips Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to Draw Teeth and Lips

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