How to Draw Tears – Really Easy Drawing Tutorial

How to Draw Tears – Really Easy Drawing Tutorial

Tears are the salty liquid that leaks from our eyes when we cry. Although we most often associate tears with pain or sadness, they can be shed during happy times as well - for instance, when we laugh heartily; in times of great joy, such as the birth of a child; and in times of relief, such as the return of a loved one who had been in danger.

There are, in fact, three different types of tears. Our eyes constantly produce basal tears, which keep the eyes moist and inhibit infection. Reflex tears occur in response to a stimulus, such as when something gets in your eye, when you smell strong fumes, or eat spicy foods. This type of tear also forms when you cough or yawn. Finally, psychic tears are the kind shed in response to strong emotions.

When draw, tears often assume the "teardrop" shape - a curved figure that is rounded on the bottom and has a point on top. You, however, may wish to draw a more realistic depiction of a person shedding tears. If so, you've come to the right place. All you will need is a pencil, a sheet of paper, and this easy, step-by-step drawing tutorial.

Each step of this tear-themed drawing guide includes a detailed illustration as well as explanatory text. Notice the light blue lines in each picture, as these indicate new lines to be added to your drawing. Also, if you have access to crayons, markers, colored pencils, or paints, you may wish to use these to shade your picture when complete.


Step 1

How to Draw Tears: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing a curved line. Draw a second curved line, connected on one end at a sharp point and on the other using a short, straight line. Shade the shape. This will form the upper lid of the eye.

Step 2

How to Draw Tears: Step 2

2. Repeat this process, forming a mirror image of the eyelid opposite the first. Again, draw two curved lines connected by a short, straight line, and shade the figure.

Step 3

How to Draw Tears: Step 3

3. Draw several tiny triangles on the outside corner of each eye, and shade within them. These triangles indicate eyelashes. Draw a curved line below each eye. This will form the eye's lower lid.

Step 4

How to Draw Tears: Step 4

4. Enclose a circle within each eye, between the upper and lower lids. This forms the iris, or colored portion, of the eye.

Step 5

How to Draw Tears: Step 5

5. Extend a curved line from the inner side of each upper lid. Then, draw the eyebrows above the lids. For each brow, draw two curved lines, allowing the lines to meet in sharp points on each end. Then, draw a short, curved line beneath each brown, indicating the wrinkling of the brow caused by sad emotions.

Step 6

How to Draw Tears: Step 6

6. Draw tears escaping from one eye. Using a long, curved line, enclose an irregular, elongated shape. Beneath this shape, enclose a smaller teardrop shape.

Step 7

How to Draw Tears: Step 7

7. Draw tears escaping from the other eye. Again, draw an irregular, elongated shape using a long, curved line. Beneath this shape, enclose a couple of teardrop shapes.

Step 8

How to Draw Tears: Step 8

8. Draw more teardrops around the tears already drawn.

Step 9

How to Draw Tears: Step 9

9. Draw a circle within each eye to form the eye's pupil. Within the pupil, enclose two overlapping ovals of different sizes. Shade the pupil around the ovals. Then, to give the eyes a watery appearance, enclose circles of different sizes atop the white part of the eye.

Step 10

How to Draw Tears: Step 10

10. Color your eyes, but don't stop there. Check out our other tutorials, such as the nose, mouth, ears, and hair, and learn to complete your drawing of a crying face.

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The Complete Tears Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to Draw Tears

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