How to Draw Llama from Fortnite

How to Draw Llama from Fortnite

Fortnite is an online video game released in 2017. Fortnite has several modes of play, including a battle royale, a cooperative shooter-survival mode, and a creative "sandbox" mode.

If you're playing as an Outlander - one of the four Hero Classes that specializes in treasure hunting - you may be lucky enough to spy a Loot Llama. The Loot Llama is a hero perk. He's a piñata, actually.

What is a piñata? A piñata is a decorated container filled with desirable items. The purpose of the piñata is to be broken so that the items fall out. And that is just what the Loot Llama is for. Your hero can take a pickaxe to him to collect crafting ingredients and other materials.

Our illustrations feature the Upgrade Llama or Daily Llama. He is an "old faithful llama, packed with a variety of goodies and materials.

Would you like to draw the Loot Llama from Fortnite? This easy, step-by-step Fortnite character drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.


Step 1

How to Draw Llama from Fortnite: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing the Llama’s head. Use a series of straight lines to sketch the top of his head and snout. Draw a small circle at the base of the snout, and extend a narrow rectangle from it. This outlines the lower jaw. Don’t forget the open square shapes at the back of the head.

Step 2

How to Draw Llama from Fortnite: Step 2

2. Enclose a narrow rectangle behind the snout, beginning at the small circle. Alongside this, enclose another narrow rectangle, connected to the back of the head. This is the Llama’s harness or halter.

Step 3

How to Draw Llama from Fortnite: Step 3

3. Give Llama’s face a three-dimensional appearance. Extend short straight lines from the corners on top of the head and snout, and from the harness. Connect them using straight lines. Shade two wide, short lines on the end of the snout to indicate nostrils. Then, draw a curved rectangle above the lower jaw, and connected it at the bottom, sides, and top using curved lines.

Step 4

How to Draw Llama from Fortnite: Step 4

4. Draw the Llama's papier-mâché neck. Use short lines to enclose a series of partial squares, enclosing the sides and bottom of the neck. Then, draw a curved line down the center of the neck.

Step 5

How to Draw Llama from Fortnite: Step 5

5. Draw a square alongside the Llama’s neck. Make it three-dimensional by extending short lines from its corners and connecting them using straight lines. Then, enclose the Llama’s body using a series of incomplete squares.

Step 6

How to Draw Llama from Fortnite: Step 6

6. Decorate the box on the Llama’s side. At the bottom, draw two half-circles. Above this, enclose a rectangle, and draw an upward-facing arrow inside. Finally, enclose two tiny rectangles at the top of the figure.

Step 7

How to Draw Llama from Fortnite: Step 7

7. Detail the Llama. Use “L” shaped lines and partial squares to indicate the texture of papier-mâché. Then, draw the Llama’s ribbon-like tail. Use pairs of wavy lines, and connect them at the ends using short, straight lines.

Step 8

How to Draw Llama from Fortnite: Step 8

8. Draw the Llama’s legs. For each leg, extend three straight, parallel lines, and connect them at the bottom using short lines. Then, draw short, straight lines across the bottom of each leg, indicating the hooves.

Step 9

How to Draw Llama from Fortnite: Step 9

9. Detail the Llama’s face. Draw a large circle to indicate the eye, with a small shaded circle for the pupil. Use curved lines to craft the long ears. Draw a curved line down the front of each ear to indicate the inner ear.

Step 10

How to Draw Llama from Fortnite: Step 10

Color your Loot Llama, then check out our character drawing guides for more of your favorite Fortnite friends and fiends.

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The Complete Llama from Fortnite Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to Draw Llama from Fortnite

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