How to Draw an Impossible Heart

How to Draw an Impossible Heart

What is an impossible object? Impossible objects, such as this impossible heart, are optical illusions. Our brains are programmed to interpret two-dimensional drawings such as this one as three-dimensional objects.

Impossible objects, however, seem to defy geometry when viewed as a three-dimensional object. They could not exist in the real world.

The impossible heart is based on the Penrose triangle, also called the Penrose tribar or impossible tribar. This impossible triangle was first created in 1934 by the Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvard.

It rose in popularity during the 1950s due to the work of psychiatrist Lionel Penrose and his son, Roger Penrose, a mathematician, from whom it derives its name.

The impossible heart can be used to represent never-ending love. Like the Mobius strip, the impossible heart seems to have no beginning or end. The decorative design can also be viewed as a braided or twisted heart.

Did you know? The heart as a symbol for love arose during the Middle Ages. The first use of the symbol may have been accidental. In a French manuscript entitled "Novel of the Pear," from the year 1250, is an illustration of a kneeling man handing what appears to be a heart to his love.

The heart, however, is actually a pear, the arches being formed by the overlap of the man's fingers. The artwork was influential nonetheless, and the scalloped and pointed heart symbol for romantic is still in use today, even as an emoji.

Would you like to draw an impossible heart? This easy, step-by-step heart drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a marker, pencil, or pen, and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.


Step 1

How to Draw Impossible Heart: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing a heart shape. Use a curved line to outline each side. Notice, though, that the top point of the heart is replaced by a short curved line. This shape outlines the interior of the impossible heart.

Step 2

How to Draw Impossible Heart: Step 2

2. Extend a curved line from one arch of the heart. The line should run roughly parallel to the outline of the heart and extend past the bottom tip. This outlines the interior of one of the impossible heart's beams.

Step 3

How to Draw Impossible Heart: Step 3

3. Extend a long curved line from the tip of the line drawn in the previous step. This line should be roughly parallel to the side of the heart, ending just about the point where the heart's arches meet. This outlines part of the impossible heart's beams.

Step 4

How to Draw Impossible Heart: Step 4

4. Draw a long curved line extending from the edge of the heart's arch. The line should be roughly parallel to the first beam of the impossible heart. End the line parallel to the heart's bottom tip, and connect it to the tip using a short straight line. This completes the beam on this side of the heart.

Step 5

How to Draw Impossible Heart: Step 5

5. Draw a short, straight, diagonal line extending downward from the heart's inner tip. From this, extend a long curved line upward to the side of the heart's upper arch.

Step 6

How to Draw Impossible Heart: Step 6

6. From the inner side of the heart, extend a curved line upward. This line should curve with the flow of the heart but not attach.

Step 7

How to Draw Impossible Heart: Step 7

7. From this line, draw a curved line to the top of the opposite arch. This line should intersect the other open line, fully enclosing the figure of the impossible heart.

Step 8

How to Draw Impossible Heart: Step 8

8. Shade the impossible heart using straight horizontal lines of various lengths.

Step 9

How to Draw Impossible Heart: Step 9

9. Complete the shading of the heart.

Step 10

How to Draw Impossible Heart: Step 10

10. Color your impossible heart.

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The Complete Impossible Heart Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to Draw Impossible Heart

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