How to Draw a 3D Hole

How to Draw a 3D Hole

Many modern artforms strive for a three-dimensional appearance. What does it mean to be 3D? An image is considered 3D when it appears to have depth - just as we view truly three-dimensional objects in real life - despite being displayed on a two-dimension medium, such as a screen, a sheet of paper, or a canvas.

3D optical illusions happen because our brains try to interpret these images as they do real-world objects, based on our experiences with shadows, perspective, angles, and the like.

Three dimensional art has a very long history. Early cave paintings gave way to carvings that allowed representations in three dimensions. In ancient Rome, paintings were made using linear perspective, a mathematical technique that gives the drawing the illusion of distance and space.

As early as the 1800s, special glasses called stereoscopes were used to view 3D images. These are akin to the "Viewmaster" 3D viewers still sold as children's toys today.

Since the 1950s, 3D glasses called anaglyphs - with their familiar blue and red lenses - have been used to aid in the viewing of 3D movies.

Today, three-dimensional art is often created using computer-generated graphics. This is especially apparent in animated movies and video games.

Yet, three-dimensional drawings still attract adoring fans. One example of this is the popularity of 3D street painting. Artists use chalks or paints to create sidewalk art that, when viewed from the correct angle, appears as a highly realistic picture with great depth. Some of these paintings are on permanent display at museums. A common theme of this artwork is the three-dimensional hole.

The three-dimensional hole in this drawing guide could come straight from a modern video game such as Minecraft, which employs blocks and cubes to create a 3D world.

Would you like to draw a three-dimensional hole? This easy, step-by-step 3D drawing guide is here to show you how. All you will need is a pen, pencil, or marker and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished drawing.


Step 1

How to Draw 3D Hole: Step 1

1. Begin by drawing two straight lines. The angle should be pointing upward, like the roof of a house. Notice that one line is longer than the other. These lines form the joints between the walls and the floor at the back of the room.

Step 2

How to Draw 3D Hole: Step 2

2. Draw straight lines from the shorter of the two lines, parallel to the longer line. These lines indicate boards on the floor, giving it texture.

Step 3

How to Draw 3D Hole: Step 3

3. Enclose a rectangle alongside one of these boards using three shorter straight lines, connected at right angles.

Step 4

How to Draw 3D Hole: Step 4

4. Continue to draw parallel lines across the floor, leaving the rectangle unlined.

Step 5

How to Draw 3D Hole: Step 5

5. Continue to draw straight, parallel lines across the floor until the entire floor is textured with boards.

Step 6

How to Draw 3D Hole: Step 6

6. Draw straight lines descending vertically from the shorter edge of the rectangle. Notice how the spacing of the lines matches the lines drawn on the floor. This helps to give the hole a three-dimensional appearance.

Step 7

How to Draw 3D Hole: Step 7

7. Shade the remainder of the hole.

Step 8

How to Draw 3D Hole: Step 8

8. Add shading and texture to the unshaded portion of the hole. Use short lines of various lengths descending from the top of the hole and ascending upward from the lowest visible portion of the hole.

Step 9

How to Draw 3D Hole: Step 9

9. Continue to draw straight parallel lines to extend the floor as far as you wish.

Step 10

How to Draw 3D Hole: Step 10

Color your drawing of a three-dimensional hole.

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The Complete 3D Hole Drawing Tutorial in One Image

How to Draw 3D Hole

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